Visuddhimagga V-41

Tattha kammāvaraṇena samannāgatāti ānantariyakammasamaṅgino.


Ñ(V,41): Herein, the words hindered by kamma refer to those who possess bad kamma entailing immediate effect [on rebirth].

Ñ's notes: The five kinds of bad kamma with immediate effect on rebirth are, in that order of priority, matricide, parricide, arahanticide, intentional shedding of a Buddha's blood, and causing a schism in the Community, all of which cause rebirth in hell and remaining there for the remainder of the aeon (kappa), whatever other kinds of kamma may have been performed (MA.iv,109f.).

Kilesāvaraṇena samannāgatāti niyatamicchādiṭṭhikā ceva ubhatobyañjanakapaṇḍakā ca.


Ñ: By defilement: who have fixed wrong view or are hermaphrodites or eunuchs.

Ñ's notes: The no-cause view, moral-inefficacy-of-action view, the nihilistic view that there is no such thing as giving, and so on (see D. Sutta 2).

Vipākāvaraṇena samannāgatāti ahetukadvihetukapaṭisandhikā.


Ñ: By kamma-result: who have had a rebirth-linking with no [profitable] root-cause or with only two [profitable] root-causes.

Notes in Chinese translation: 由无因、二因而结生,参考第十四品。

Asaddhāti buddhādīsu saddhāvirahitā.


Ñ: Lack faith: are destitute of faith in the Buddha, Dhamma and Saṅgha.

Acchandikāti apaccanīkapaṭipadāyaṃ chandavirahitā.


Ñ: Zeal: are destitute of zeal for the unopposed way.

Duppaññāti lokiyalokuttarasammādiṭṭhiyā virahitā.


Ñ: Understanding: are destitute of mundane and supramundane right view.

Abhabbā niyāmaṃ okkamituṃ kusalesu dhammesu sammattanti kusalesu dhammesu niyāmasaṅkhātaṃ sammattasaṅkhātañca ariyamaggaṃ okkamituṃ abhabbāti attho.


Ñ: Will be incapable of entering into the certainty of rightness in profitable states means that they are incapable of entering into the Noble Path called 'certainty' and 'rightness in profitable states'.

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