Visuddhimagga V-27



Iti kasiṇāni dasabalo,

Dasa yāni avoca sabbadhammadaso;

Rūpāvacaramhi catukkapañcakajjhānahetūni.

Evaṃ tāni ca tesañca,

Bhāvanānayamimaṃ viditvāna;

Tesveva ayaṃ bhiyyo,

Pakiṇṇakakathāpi viññeyyā.


说此为色界四种 ── 五种禅因的十遍。



Ñ(V,27): He with Ten Powers, who all things did see,

Tells ten kasiṇas, each of which can be

The cause of fourfold and of fivefold jhāna,

The fine-material sphere's own master key.

Now knowing their descriptions and the way

To tackle each and how they are developed,

There are some further points that will repay

Study, each with its special part to play.

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