Visuddhimagga VI-13

104. Evaṃ viharantena ca asukasmiṃ nāma gāmadvāre vā aṭavimukhe vā panthe vā pabbatapāde vā rukkhamūle vā susāne vā uddhumātakasarīraṃ nikkhittanti kathentānaṃ vacanaṃ sutvāpi na tāvadeva atitthena pakkhandantena viya gantabbaṃ.

1)(为取不净相而前行的处所)如是修不净者,若听见人家说,在某某村口、林口、道路、山脚、树下,[PTS 180] 或冢墓间有膨胀的尸体丢在那里的时候,不要像在不妥当的渡头而即跳去。

Ñ(VI,13): Meanwhile, when he hears people saying that at some village gate or on some road or at some forest's edge or at the base of some rock or at the root of some tree [180] or on some charnel ground a bloated corpse is lying, he should not go there at once, like one who plunges into a river where there is no ford.

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