Visuddhimagga IV-202

Iti yaṃ catukkanaye dutiyaṃ, taṃ dvidhā bhinditvā pañcakanaye dutiyañceva tatiyañca hoti.


Ñ(IV,202): So that which is the second in the fourfold reckoning becomes the second and third in the fivefold reckoning by being divided into two.

Yāni ca tattha tatiyacatutthāni, tāni ca catutthapañcamāni honti. Paṭhamaṃ paṭhamamevāti.


Ñ: And those which are the third and fourth in the former reckoning become the fourth and fifth in this reckoning. The first remains the first in each case.

Iti sādhujanapāmojjatthāya kate visuddhimagge


Pathavīkasiṇaniddeso nāma

Catuttho paricchedo.


Ñ: The fourth chapter called 'The Description of the Earth Kasiṇa' in the Treatise on the Development of Concentration in the Path of Purification composed for the purpose of gladdening good people.

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