Visuddhimagga V-1

5. Sesakasiṇaniddeso

[PTS 170] 第五 说余遍品





Notes in Chinese translation: 「水遍」(āpo-kasiṇa),《解脱道论》「水一切入」。

91. Idāni pathavīkasiṇānantare āpokasiṇe vitthārakathā hoti.


Ñ(V,1): [170] Now the water kasiṇa comes next after the earth kasiṇa (Ch. III, §105). Here is the detailed explanation.

Yatheva hi pathavīkasiṇaṃ, evaṃ āpokasiṇampi bhāvetukāmena sukhanisinnena āpasmiṃ nimittaṃ gaṇhitabbaṃ, kate vā akate vāti sabbaṃ vitthāretabbaṃ.


Ñ: One who wants to develop the water kasiṇa should, as in the case of the earth kasiṇa, seat himself comfortably and apprehend the sign in water that 'is either made up or not made up', etc.; and so all the rest should be repeated in detail (Ch. IV, §22).

Yathā ca idha, evaṃ sabbattha.


Ñ: And as in this case, so with all those that follow [in this chapter].

Ito parañhi ettakampi avatvā visesamattameva vakkhāma.


Ñ: We shall in fact not repeat even this much and shall only point out what is different.

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