Visuddhimagga VI-34

109. Yaṃ pana vuttaṃ sanimittaṃ karoti sārammaṇaṃ karotīti, taṃ idheva antogadhaṃ.


Ñ(VI,34): Also with its particular sign and in relation to the object was said (§19); but that is included by what has just been said;

Punappunaṃ vavatthapento hi sanimittaṃ karoti nāma.


Ñ: for he 'characterizes it with its particular sign' when he defines it again and again,

Ayaṃ pāsāṇo idaṃ asubhanimittaṃ, idaṃ asubhanimittaṃ ayaṃ pāsāṇoti evaṃ dve dve samāsetvā samāsetvā vavatthapento sārammaṇaṃ karoti nāma.


Ñ: and he 'characterizes it in relation to the object' when he defines it by combining it each time in pairs thus: 'This is a rock, this is the sign of foulness; this is the sign of foulness, this is a rock'.

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