Visuddhimagga IV-184

88. Tattha sukhassa ca pahānā dukkhassa ca pahānāti kāyikasukhassa ca kāyikadukkhassa ca pahānā.


Ñ(IV,184): Herein, with the abandoning of pleasure and pain: with the abandoning of bodily pleasure and bodily pain.

Pubbevāti tañca kho pubbeva, na catutthajjhānakkhaṇe.


Ñ: With the previous: which took place before, not in the moment of the fourth jhāna.

Somanassadomanassānaṃ atthaṅgamāti cetasikasukhassa ca cetasikadukkhassa cāti imesampi dvinnaṃ pubbeva atthaṅgamā, pahānā icceva vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: Disappearance of joy and grief: with the previous disappearance of the two, that is, mental bliss (pleasure) and mental pain; with the abandoning, is what is meant.

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