Visuddhimagga IV-189

Tathā tatiyajjhānupacāre pahīnassāpi sukhindriyassa pītisamuṭṭhānapaṇītarūpaphuṭakāyassa siyā uppatti, na tveva tatiyajjhāne.


Ñ(IV,189): Likewise in the third-jhāna access there could be realising of the abandoned [bodily] pleasure faculty in one whose body was pervaded by the superior materiality originated by the [consciousness associated with the] happiness. But not so in the third jhāna itself.

Tatiyajjhāne hi sukhassa paccayabhūtā pīti sabbaso niruddhāti.


Ñ: For in the third jhāna the happiness that is a condition for the [bodily] bliss (pleasure) has ceased entirely.

Tathā catutthajjhānupacāre pahīnassāpi somanassindriyassa āsannattā appanāppattāya upekkhāya abhāvena sammā anatikkantattā ca siyā uppatti, na tveva catutthajjhāne.


Ñ: Likewise in the fourth-jhāna access there could be realising of the abandoned [mental] joy faculty because of its nearness and because it has not been properly surmounted owing to the absence of equanimity brought to absorption strength. But not so in the fourth jhāna itself.

Tasmā eva ca etthuppannaṃ dukkhindriyaṃ aparisesaṃ nirujjhatīti tattha tattha aparisesaggahaṇaṃ katanti.


Ñ: And that is why in each case (§186) the words 'without remainder' are included thus: 'It is here that the arisen pain faculty ceases without remainder'.

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