Visuddhimagga IV-103

Viharatīti tadanurūpena iriyāpathavihārena itivuttappakārajhānasamaṅgī hutvā attabhāvassa iriyaṃ vuttiṃ pālanaṃ yapanaṃ yāpanaṃ cāraṃ vihāraṃ abhinipphādeti.


Ñ(IV,103): And dwells in (viharati): by becoming possessed of jhāna of the kind described above through dwelling in a posture favourable to that [jhāna], he produces a posture, a procedure, a keeping, an enduring, a lasting, a behaviour, a dwelling, of the person.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: The words 'of the person' means 'of the body'.

Vuttañhetaṃ vibhaṅge ‘‘viharatīti iriyati vattati pāleti yapeti yāpeti carati viharati, tena vuccati viharatī’’ti (vibha. 540).

即《分别论》中说:「住是动作、[PTS 146] 行动、护持、生活、生计、行为、住,故言为住。」

Ñ: For this is said in the Vibhaṅga:' "Dwells in": poses, proceeds, keeps, endures, lasts, behaves, dwells; [146] hence "dwells" is said' (Vbh. 252).

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