Visuddhimagga IV-121

Yathā ca kusalo sūdo bhattāraṃ parivisanto tassa yaṃ yaṃ ruciyā bhuñjati, taṃ taṃ sallakkhetvā tato paṭṭhāya tādisameva upanāmento lābhassa bhāgī hoti,


Ñ(IV,121): And just as when a skilled cook is serving his employer, he notices whatever he chooses to eat and from then on brings only that sort and so obtains a reward,

evamayampi adhigatakkhaṇe bhojanādayo ākāre gahetvā te sampādento naṭṭhe naṭṭhe punappunaṃ appanāya lābhī hoti.


Ñ: so too this meditator discerns such modes as that of the food, etc., at the time of the attaining, and he recaptures them and re-obtains absorption each time it is lost.

Tasmā tena vālavedhinā viya sūdena viya ca ākārā pariggahetabbā.


Ñ: So he must discern the modes as a hair-splitter or a cook does.

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