Visuddhimagga IV-148

Samādhijanti paṭhamajjhānasamādhito sampayuttasamādhito vā jātanti attho.


Ñ(IV,148): Born of concentration: born of the first-jhāna concentration, or born of associated concentration, is the meaning.

Tattha kiñcāpi paṭhamampi sampayuttasamādhito jātaṃ, atha kho ayameva samādhi ‘‘samādhī’’ti vattabbataṃ arahati vitakkavicārakkhobhavirahena ativiya acalattā, suppasannattā ca, tasmā imassa vaṇṇabhaṇanatthaṃ idameva ‘‘samādhija’’nti vuttaṃ.


Ñ: Herein, although the first was born of associated concentration too, still it is only this concentration that is quite worthy to be called 'concentration' because of its complete confidence and extreme immobility due to absence of disturbance by applied and sustained thought. So only this [jhāna] is called 'born of concentration', and that is in order to recommend it.

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: The word 'immobility' also means stillness.

Pītisukhanti idaṃ vuttanayameva.

「喜、乐」── 已如(初禅)所说。

Ñ: With happiness and bliss is as already explained.

Dutiyanti gaṇanānupubbatā dutiyaṃ.

「第二」── 依照数目的次第为第二,在于第二生起故为第二

Ñ: Second: second in numerical series.

Chew: This '在于第二生起故为第二' is not translated into English.

Idaṃ dutiyaṃ samāpajjatītipi dutiyaṃ.


Ñ: Also second because entered upon second.

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