Visuddhimagga IV-86

Aññesampi ca dhammānaṃ akusalabhāve vijjamāne ‘‘tattha katame akusalā dhammā, kāmacchando’’tiādinā nayena vibhaṅge upari jhānaṅgānaṃ paccanīkapaṭipakkhabhāvadassanato nīvaraṇāneva vuttāni.


Ñ(IV,86): And although there may be unprofitableness in other states as well, nevertheless only the hindrances are mentioned subsequently in the Vibhaṅga thus, 'Herein, what states are unprofitable? Lust ...' (Vbh. 256), etc., in order to show their opposition to, and incompatibility with, the jhāna factors.

Nīvaraṇāni hi jhānaṅgapaccanīkāni, tesaṃ jhānaṅgāneva paṭipakkhāni viddhaṃsakāni vighātakānīti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: For the hindrances are the contrary opposites of the jhāna factors: what is meant is that the jhāna factors are incompatible with them, eliminate them, abolish them.

Tathā hi samādhi kāmacchandassa paṭipakkho, pīti byāpādassa, vitakko thinamiddhassa, sukhaṃ uddhaccakukkuccassa, vicāro vicikicchāyāti peṭake vuttaṃ.


Ñ: And it is said accordingly in the Peṭaka: 'Concentration is incompatible with lust, happiness with ill will, applied thought with stiffness and torpor, bliss with agitation and worry, and sustained thought with uncertainty' (not in Peṭakopadesa).

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