Visuddhimagga IV-163

Yā ‘‘yadatthi yaṃ bhūtaṃ, taṃ pajahati, upekkhaṃ paṭilabhatī’’ti (ma. ni. 3.71; a. ni. 7.55) evamāgatā vicinane majjhattabhūtā upekkhā, ayaṃ vipassanupekkhā nāma.


Ñ(IV,163): Equanimity about insight is a name for equanimity consisting in neutrality about investigation described thus: 'What exists, what has become, that he abandons, and he obtains equanimity' (M. ii, 264-65).

Notes in Chinese translation: 「观舍」(vipassanupekkhā),《解脱道论》「见舍」。

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