Visuddhimagga IV-106

Yasmā pana vitakko ārammaṇe cittaṃ abhiniropeti, vicāro anuppabandhati, tehi avikkhepāya sampāditappayogassa cetaso payogasampattisambhavā pīti pīṇanaṃ, sukhañca upabrūhanaṃ karoti.


Ñ(IV,106): But applied thought directs the mind onto the object; sustained thought keeps it anchored there. Happiness produced by the success of the effort refreshes the mind whose effort has succeeded through not being distracted by those hindrances; and bliss intensifies it for the same reason.

Atha naṃ sasesasampayuttadhammaṃ etehi abhiniropanānuppabandhanapīṇanaupabrūhanehi anuggahitā ekaggatā ekattārammaṇe samaṃ sammā ca ādhiyati, tasmā vitakko vicāro pīti sukhaṃ cittekaggatāti imesaṃ pañcannaṃ uppattivasena pañcaṅgasamannāgatatā veditabbā.


Ñ: Then unification aided by this directing onto, this anchoring, this refreshing and this intensifying, evenly and rightly centers (Ch. III, §3) the mind with its remaining associated states on the object consisting in unity. Consequently, possession of five factors should be understood as the arising of these five, namely, applied thought, sustained thought, happiness, bliss and unification of mind.

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