Visuddhimagga IV-141

Ajjhattanti idha niyakajjhattamadhippetaṃ.

「内」── 这里是自己之内的意思。

Ñ(IV,141): Internal: here one's own internal is intended;

Vibhaṅge pana ‘‘ajjhattaṃ paccatta’’nti ettakameva vuttaṃ.


Ñ: but that much is actually stated in the Vibhaṅga too with the words 'internally in oneself (Vbh. 258).

Yasmā ca niyakajjhattamadhippetaṃ, tasmā attani jātaṃ attano santāne nibbattanti ayamettha attho.

故自己之内义,即于自己而生 ── 于自己相续发生的意义。

Ñ: And since one's own internal is intended, the meaning here is this: born in oneself, generated in one's own continuity.

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