Visuddhimagga IV-115

Yasmiñhi vāre appanā uppajjati, tasmiṃ yo nīvaraṇasaṅkhāto kilesagaṇo tassa jhānassa paribandho, tato cittaṃ visujjhati.


Ñ(IV,115): Firstly, in a cycle [of consciousness] in which absorption arises the mind becomes purified from the group of defilements called hindrances that are an obstruction to jhāna.

Visuddhattā āvaraṇavirahitaṃ hutvā majjhimaṃ samathanimittaṃ paṭipajjati.


Ñ: Being devoid of obstruction because it has been purified, it makes way for the central [state of equilibrium, which is the] sign of serenity.

Majjhimaṃ samathanimittaṃ nāma samappavatto appanāsamādhiyeva.


Ñ: Now it is the absorption concentration itself occurring evenly that is called the sign of serenity.

Tadanantaraṃ pana purimacittaṃ ekasantatipariṇāmanayena tathattamupagacchamānaṃ majjhimaṃ samathanimittaṃ paṭipajjati nāma, evaṃ paṭipannattā tathattupagamanena tattha pakkhandati nāma.

在安止定以前的(种姓)心由一相续而转变进行于如性(即安止的状态),[PTS 149] 名为中奢摩他相行道。(3)由于这样行道进行于如性,名为跳入初禅。

Ñ: But the consciousness immediately before that [149] reaches that state by way of change in a single continuity (cf. Ch. XXII §1-6), and so it is said that it makes way for the central [state of equilibrium, which is the] sign of serenity. And it is said that it enters into that state by approaching it through having made way for it.

Note in Chinese translation: 「跳入」(pakkhandati),《解脱道论》「跳踯」。

Evaṃ tāva purimacitte vijjamānākāranipphādikā paṭhamassa jhānassa uppādakkhaṇeyeva āgamanavasena paṭipadāvisuddhi veditabbā.


Ñ: That is why in the first place purification of the way, while referring to aspects existing in the preceding consciousness, should nevertheless be understood as the approach at the moment of the first jhāna's actual arising.

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