Visuddhimagga IV-91

Apica malaggahitaṃ kaṃsabhājanaṃ ekena hatthena daḷhaṃ gahetvā itarena hatthena cuṇṇatelavālaṇḍupakena parimajjantassa daḷhagahaṇahattho viya vitakko, parimajjanahattho viya vicāro.


Ñ(IV,91): Furthermore, applied thought is like the hand that grips firmly and sustained thought is like the hand that rubs, when one grips a tarnished metal dish firmly with one hand and rubs it with powder and oil and a woollen pad with the other hand.

Tathā kumbhakārassa daṇḍappahārena cakkaṃ bhamayitvā bhājanaṃ karontassa uppīḷanahattho viya vitakko, ito cito ca sañcaraṇahattho viya vicāro.

亦如陶工以击旋轮而作器皿,「寻」如压紧的手,[PTS 143]「伺」如旋转于这里那里的手。

Ñ: Likewise, when a potter has spun his wheel with a stroke on the stick and is making a dish [143], his supporting hand is like applied thought and his hand that moves back and forth is like sustained thought.

Tathā maṇḍalaṃ karontassa majjhe sannirumbhitvā ṭhitakaṇṭako viya abhiniropano vitakko, bahi paribbhamanakaṇṭako viya anumajjano vicāro.


Ñ: Likewise, when one is drawing a circle, the pin that stays fixed down in the centre is like applied thought, which directs onto the object, and the pin that revolves round it is like sustained thought, which continuously presses.

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