Visuddhimagga IV-109

Tattha cittekaggatā kiñcāpi savitakkaṃ savicāranti imasmiṃ pāṭhe na niddiṭṭhā, tathāpi vibhaṅge ‘‘jhānanti vitakko vicāro pīti sukhaṃ cittassekaggatā’’ti (vibha. 569) evaṃ vuttattā aṅgameva.


Ñ(IV,109): Although unification of mind is not actually listed among these factors in the [summary] version [beginning] 'which is accompanied by applied and sustained thought' (Vbh. 245), nevertheless it is mentioned [later] in the Vibhaṅga as follows: ' "Jhāna": it is applied thought, sustained thought, happiness, bliss, unification'(Vbh.257), and so it is a factor too;

Yena hi adhippāyena bhagavatā uddeso kato, soyeva tena vibhaṅge pakāsitoti.


Ñ: for the intention with which the Blessed One gave the summary is the same as that with which he gave the exposition that follows it.

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