Visuddhimagga IV-140

80. Tattha vitakkavicārānaṃ vūpasamāti vitakkassa ca vicārassa cāti imesaṃ dvinnaṃ vūpasamā samatikkamā, dutiyajjhānakkhaṇe apātubhāvāti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ(IV,140): Herein, with the stilling of applied and sustained thought: with the stilling, with the surmounting, of these two, namely, applied thought and sustained thought; with their non-manifestation at the moment of the second jhāna, is what is meant.

Tattha kiñcāpi dutiyajjhāne sabbepi paṭhamajjhānadhammā na santi.

虽然一切初禅法在第二禅中已不存在 ──

Ñ: Herein, although none of the states belonging to the first jhāna exist in the second jhāna —

Aññeyeva hi paṭhamajjhāne phassādayo, aññe idha.

即是说初禅中的触等和这里是不同的 ──

Ñ: for the contact, etc., (see M.iii,25), in the first jhāna are one and here they are another —

Oḷārikassa pana oḷārikassa aṅgassa samatikkamā paṭhamajjhānato paresaṃ dutiyajjhānādīnaṃ adhigamo hotīti dīpanatthaṃ ‘‘vitakkavicārānaṃ vūpasamā’’ti evaṃ vuttanti veditabbaṃ.


Ñ: it should be understood all the same that the phrase 'with the stilling of applied and sustained thought' is expressed in this way in order to indicate that the attaining of the other jhānas, beginning with that of the second from the first, is effected by the surmounting of the gross factor in each case.

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