Visuddhimagga IV-125

Yo pana samādhiparibandhe dhamme suṭṭhu visodhetvā jhānaṃ samāpajjati,


Ñ(IV,125): But when he enters upon a jhāna after [first] completely purifying his mind of states that obstruct concentration,

so suvisodhitaṃ āsayaṃ paviṭṭhabhamaro viya suparisuddhaṃ uyyānaṃ paviṭṭharājā viya ca sakalampi divasabhāgaṃ antosamāpattiyaṃyeva hoti.


Ñ: then he remains in the attainment even for a whole day, like a bee that has gone into a completely purified hive, like a king who has gone into a perfectly clean park.

Tenāhu porāṇā –


Ñ: Hence the Ancients said:

‘‘Kāmesu chandaṃ paṭighaṃ vinodaye,

Uddhaccamiddhaṃ vicikicchapañcamaṃ;

Vivekapāmojjakarena cetasā,

Rājāva suddhantagato tahiṃ rame’’ti.





Ñ: 'So let him dispel any sensual lust, and resentment,

Agitation as well, and then torpor, and doubt as the fifth;

There let him find joy with a heart that is glad in seclusion,

Like a king in a garden where all and each corner is clean'.

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