Visuddhimagga IV-99

Sā panesā pañcavidhā pīti gabbhaṃ gaṇhantī paripākaṃ gacchantī duvidhaṃ passaddhiṃ paripūreti kāyapassaddhiñca cittapassaddhiñca.


Ñ(IV,99): Now this fivefold happiness, when conceived and matured, perfects the twofold tranquillity, that is, bodily and mental tranquillity.

Passaddhi gabbhaṃ gaṇhantī paripākaṃ gacchantī duvidhampi sukhaṃ paripūreti kāyikañca cetasikañca.


Ñ: When tranquillity is conceived and matured, it perfects the twofold bliss, that is, bodily and mental bliss.

Sukhaṃ gabbhaṃ gaṇhantaṃ paripākaṃ gacchantaṃ tividhaṃ samādhiṃ paripūreti khaṇikasamādhiṃ upacārasamādhiṃ appanā samādhinti.


Ñ: When bliss is conceived and matured, it perfects the threefold concentration, that is, momentary concentration, access concentration, and absorption concentration.

Tāsu yā appanāsamādhissa mūlaṃ hutvā vaḍḍhamānā samādhisampayogaṃ gatā pharaṇāpīti, ayaṃ imasmiṃ atthe adhippetā pītīti.


Ñ: Of these, what is intended in this context by happiness is pervading happiness, which is the root of absorption and comes by growth into association with absorption. [145]

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