Visuddhimagga IV-170

Iti vipassanupekkhāya siddhāya saṅkhārupekkhāpi siddhāva hoti.


Ñ(IV,170): So when equanimity about insight is established, equanimity about formations is established too.

Iminā panesā vicinanaggahaṇesu majjhattasaṅkhātena kiccena dvidhā bhinnāti.


Ñ: But it is divided into two in this way according to function, in other words, according to neutrality about investigating and about catching hold.

Vīriyupekkhā pana vedanupekkhā ca aññamaññañca avasesāhi ca atthato bhinnā evāti.


Ñ: Equanimity of energy and equanimity as feeling are different both from each other and from the rest.

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