Visuddhimagga IV-166

Yā pana ‘‘upekkhāsatipārisuddhiṃ catutthaṃ jhāna’’nti (dī. ni. 1.232; dha. sa. 165) evamāgatā sabbapaccanīkaparisuddhā paccanīkavūpasamanepi abyāpārabhūtā upekkhā, ayaṃ pārisuddhupekkhā nāma.


Ñ(IV,166): Purifying equanimity is a name for equanimity purified of all opposition, and so consisting in uninterestedness in stilling opposition described thus: 'The fourth jhāna, which ... has mindfulness purified by equanimity' (Vbh. 245).

Notes in Chinese translation: 「遍净舍」(pārisuddhupekkhā),《解脱道论》「清净舍」。

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