Visuddhimagga VIII-176

Tatra evaṃ oḷārikasukhumatā ca passaddhi ca veditabbā.


Ñ(VIII,176): And here both the gross and subtle state and also [progressive] tranquillizing should be understood.

Imassa hi bhikkhuno pubbe apariggahitakāle kāyo ca cittañca sadarathā honti oḷārikā.


Ñ: For previously, at the time when the bhikkhu has still not discerned [the meditation subject], his body and his mind are disturbed and so they are gross.

Kāyacittānaṃ oḷārikatte avūpasante assāsapassāsāpi oḷārikā honti,


Ñ: And while the grossness of the body and the mind has still not subsided the in-breaths and out-breaths are gross.

balavatarā hutvā pavattanti,


Ñ: They get stronger,

nāsikā nappahoti,


Ñ: his nostrils become inadequate,

mukhena assasantopi passasantopi tiṭṭhati.


Ñ: and he keeps breathing in and out through his mouth.

Yadā panassa kāyopi cittampi pariggahitā honti, tadā te santā honti vūpasantā.


Ñ: But they become quiet and still when his body and mind have been discerned.

Tesu vūpasantesu assāsapassāsā sukhumā hutvā pavattanti, ‘‘atthi nu kho natthī’’ti vicetabbatākārappattā honti.


Ñ: When they are still then the in-breaths and out-breaths occur so subtly that he has to investigate whether they exist or not.

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