Visuddhimagga VIII-179

221. Pariggahepi oḷāriko, paṭhamajjhānupacāre sukhumo.


Ñ(VIII,179): In discerning [the meditation subject the formation] is gross, and it is subtle [by comparison] in the first-jhāna access;

Tasmimpi oḷāriko, paṭhamajjhāne sukhumo.


Ñ: also it is gross in that, and subtle [by comparison] in the first jhāna;

Paṭhamajjhāne ca dutiyajjhānupacāre ca oḷāriko, dutiyajjhāne sukhumo.


Ñ: in the first jhāna and second-jhāna access it is gross, and in the second jhāna subtle;

Dutiyajjhāne ca tatiyajjhānupacāre ca oḷāriko, tatiyajjhāne sukhumo.


Ñ: in the second jhāna and third-jhāna access it is gross, and in the third jhāna subtle;

Tatiyajjhāne ca catutthajjhānupacāre ca oḷāriko, catutthajjhāne atisukhumo appavattimeva pāpuṇātīti.


Ñ: in the third jhāna and fourth-jhāna access it is gross, and in the fourth jhāna it is so exceedingly subtle that it even reaches cessation.

Idaṃ tāva dīghabhāṇakasaṃyuttabhāṇakānaṃ mataṃ.


Ñ: This is the opinion of the Dīgha and Saṃyutta reciters.

Majjhimabhāṇakā pana paṭhamajjhāne oḷāriko, dutiyajjhānupacāre sukhumoti evaṃ heṭṭhimaheṭṭhimajjhānato uparūparijjhānupacārepi sukhumataramicchanti.


Ñ: But the Majjhima reciters have it that it is subtler in each access than in the jhāna below too in this way: In the first jhāna it is gross, and in the second-jhāna access it is subtle [by comparison, and so on].

Sabbesaññeva pana matena apariggahitakāle pavattakāyasaṅkhāro pariggahitakāle paṭippassambhati.


Ñ: It is, however, the opinion of all that the bodily formation occurring before the time of discerning becomes tranquillized at the time of discerning,

Pariggahitakāle pavattakāyasaṅkhāro paṭhamajjhānupacāre…pe… catutthajjhānupacāre pavattakāyasaṅkhāro catutthajjhāne paṭippassambhati.


Ñ: and the bodily formation at the time of discerning becomes tranquillized in the first-jhāna access … and the bodily formation occurring in the fourth-jhāna access becomes tranquillized in the fourth jhāna.

Ayaṃ tāva samathe nayo.


Ñ: This is the method of explanation in the case of serenity.

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