Visuddhimagga VIII-251

Imañca pana upasamānussatiṃ anuyutto bhikkhu sukhaṃ supati,


Ñ(VIII,251): A bhikkhu who is devoted to this recollection of peace sleeps in bliss

sukhaṃ paṭibujjhati,


Ñ: and wakes in bliss,

santindriyo hoti santamānaso hirottappasamannāgato pāsādiko paṇītādhimuttiko sabrahmacārīnaṃ garu ca bhāvanīyo ca.


Ñ: his faculties are peaceful, his mind is peaceful, he has conscience and shame, he is confident, he is resolved [to attain] the superior [state], he is respected and honoured by his fellows in the life of purity.

Uttari appaṭivijjhanto pana sugatiparāyano hoti.


Ñ: And even if he penetrates no higher, he is at least headed for a happy destiny.

Tasmā have appamatto, bhāvayetha vicakkhaṇo;

Evaṃ anekānisaṃsaṃ, ariye upasame satinti.





Ñ: So that is why a man of wit

Untiringly devotes his days

To mind the noble peace, which can

Reward him in so many ways.

Idaṃ upasamānussatiyaṃ vitthārakathāmukhaṃ.


Ñ: This is the section dealing with the recollection of peace in the detailed explanation.

Iti sādhujanapāmojjatthāya kate visuddhimagge


Anussatikammaṭṭhānaniddeso nāma

Aṭṭhamo paricchedo.


Ñ: The eighth chapter called 'The Description of Recollections as Meditation Subjects' in the Treatise on the Development of Concentration in the Path of Purification composed for the purpose of gladdening good people.

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