Visuddhimagga VIII-177

Seyyathāpi purisassa dhāvitvā, pabbatā vā orohitvā, mahābhāraṃ vā sīsato oropetvā ṭhitassa oḷārikā assāsapassāsā honti,


Ñ(VIII,177): Suppose a man stands still after running, or descending from a hill, or putting down a big load from his head, then his in-breaths and out-breaths are gross,

nāsikā nappahoti,


Ñ: his nostrils become inadequate,

mukhena assasantopi passasantopi tiṭṭhati.


Ñ: and he keeps on breathing in and out through his mouth.

Yadā panesa taṃ parissamaṃ vinodetvā nhatvā ca pivitvā ca allasāṭakaṃ hadaye katvā sītāya chāyāya nipanno hoti,

如果他除去疲劳,洗了澡,喝了水,[PTS 275] 以湿布当胸,卧于凉荫之下时,

Ñ: But when he has rid himself of his fatigue and has bathed and drunk [275] and put a wet cloth on his heart, and is lying in the cool shade,

athassa te assāsapassāsā sukhumā honti ‘‘atthi nu kho natthī’’ti vicetabbatākārappattā,


Ñ: then his in-breaths and out-breaths eventually occur so subtly that he has to investigate whether they exist or not;

evameva imassa bhikkhuno pubbe apariggahitakāle kāyo ca…pe… vicetabbatākārappattā honti.


Ñ: so too, previously, at the time when the bhikkhu has still not discerned, … he has to investigate whether they exist or not.

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