Visuddhimagga VIII-221

Athānena taṃ nimittaṃ neva vaṇṇato manasi kātabbaṃ, na lakkhaṇato paccavekkhitabbaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,221): Then he should not give attention to the sign as to its colour, or review it as to its [specific] characteristic.

Apica kho khattiyamahesiyā cakkavattigabbho viya kassakena sāliyavagabbho viya ca āvāsādīni satta asappāyāni vajjetvā tāneva satta sappāyāni sevantena sādhukaṃ rakkhitabbaṃ.


Ñ: He should guard it as carefully as a king's chief queen guards the child in her womb due to become a Wheel-turning Monarch, or as a farmer guards the ripening crops; and he should avoid the seven unsuitable things beginning with the unsuitable abode and cultivate the seven suitable things.

Atha naṃ evaṃ rakkhitvā punappunaṃ manasikāravasena vuddhiṃ virūḷhiṃ gamayitvā dasavidhaṃ appanākosallaṃ sampādetabbaṃ, vīriyasamatā yojetabbā.


Ñ: Then, guarding it thus, he should make it grow and improve with repeated attention, and he should practise the tenfold skill in absorption (Ch. IV, §42) and bring about evenness of energy (Ch. IV, §66).

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