Visuddhimagga VIII-226

234. Itaresu pana tīsu catukkesu yasmā visuṃ kammaṭṭhānabhāvanānayo nāma natthi.


[Word Commentary Continued—Second Tetrad]

Ñ(VIII,226): Now since there is no separate method for developing the meditation subject in the case of the other tetrads,

Tasmā anupadavaṇṇanānayeneva tesaṃ evaṃ attho veditabbo.


Ñ: their meaning therefore needs only to be understood according to the word commentary.

Pītipaṭisaṃvedīti pītiṃ paṭisaṃviditaṃ karonto pākaṭaṃ karonto assasissāmi passasissāmīti sikkhati.



Ñ: (v) He trains thus: 'I shall breathe in … shall breathe out experiencing happiness', that is, making happiness known, making it plain.

Tattha dvīhākārehi pīti paṭisaṃviditā hoti ārammaṇato ca asammohato ca.


Ñ: Herein, the happiness is experienced in two ways: (a) with the object, and (b) with non-confusion.

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