Visuddhimagga VIII-217

Ettha ca aññameva assāsārammaṇaṃ cittaṃ, aññaṃ passāsārammaṇaṃ, aññaṃ nimittārammaṇaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,217): And here, the consciousness that has in-breath as its object is one, the consciousness that has out-breath as its object is another, and the consciousness that has the sign as its object is another.

Yassa hi ime tayo dhammā natthi, tassa kammaṭṭhānaṃ neva appanaṃ, na upacāraṃ pāpuṇāti.


Ñ: For the meditation subject reaches neither absorption nor even access in one who has not got these three things [clear].

Yassa pana ime tayo dhammā atthi, tasseva kammaṭṭhānaṃ upacārañca appanañca pāpuṇāti.


Ñ: But it reaches access and also absorption in one who has got these three things [clear].

Vuttañhetaṃ –


Ñ: For this is said:

‘‘Nimittaṃ assāsapassāsā, anārammaṇamekacittassa;

Ajānato tayo dhamme, bhāvanā nupalabbhati.



Ñ: 'Sign, in-breath, out-breath, are not object

Of a single consciousness;

By one who knows not these three things

Development is not obtained.

‘‘Nimittaṃ assāsapassāsā, anārammaṇamekacittassa;

Jānatova tayo dhamme, bhāvanā upalabbhatī’’ti. (pārā. aṭṭha. 2.165);



Ñ: 'Sign, in-breath, out-breath, are not object

Of a single consciousness;

By one who does know these three things

Development can be obtained' (Ps.i,170). [286]

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