Visuddhimagga VIII-183

‘‘Iti kira passambhayaṃ kāyasaṅkhāraṃ assasissāmi passasissāmīti sikkhati.


Ñ(VIII,183): '[Clarification:] So then, he trains thus: "I shall breathe in tranquillizing the bodily formation"; he trains thus: "I shall breathe out tranquillizing the bodily formation":

Evaṃ sante vātūpaladdhiyā ca pabhāvanā hoti,


Ñ: that being so, there is production of awareness of wind,

assāsapassāsānañca pabhāvanā hoti,


Ñ: and there is production of in-breaths and out-breaths,

ānāpānassatiyā ca pabhāvanā hoti,


Ñ: and there is production of mindfulness of breathing,

ānāpānassatisamādhissa ca pabhāvanā hoti,


Ñ: and there is production of concentration through mindfulness of breathing,

tañca naṃ samāpattiṃ paṇḍitā samāpajjantipi vuṭṭhahantipi.


Ñ: and consequently the wise enter into and emerge from that attainment.

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