Visuddhimagga VIII-232

Samādahaṃ cittanti paṭhamajjhānādivasena ārammaṇe cittaṃ samaṃ ādahanto samaṃ ṭhapento.


Ñ(VIII,232): (xi) Concentrating (samādahaṃ) the [manner of] consciousness: evenly (samaṃ) placing (ādahanto) the mind, evenly putting it on its object by means of the first jhāna and so on.

Tāni vā pana jhānāni samāpajjitvā vuṭṭhāya jhānasampayuttaṃ cittaṃ khayato vayato sampassato vipassanākkhaṇe lakkhaṇapaṭivedhena uppajjati khaṇikacittekaggatā.


Ñ: Or alternatively, when, having entered upon those jhānas and emerged from them, he comprehends with insight the consciousness associated with the jhāna as liable to destruction and to fall, then at the actual time of insight momentary unification of the mind arises through the penetration of the characteristics [of impermanence, and so on].

Evaṃ uppannāya khaṇikacittekaggatāya vasenapi ārammaṇe cittaṃ samaṃ ādahanto samaṃ ṭhapento ‘‘samādahaṃ cittaṃ assasissāmi passasissāmīti sikkhatī’’ti vuccati.


Ñ: Thus the words, 'He trains thus: "I shall breathe in … shall breathe out concentrating the [manner of] consciousness" ', are said also of one who evenly places the mind, evenly puts it on its object by means of the momentary unification of the mind arisen thus.

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