Visuddhimagga VIII-210

Ime hi dīghanāsikassa nāsāpuṭaṃ ghaṭṭentā pavattanti.

即(出入息)于长鼻者的鼻孔起触,[PTS 284]

Ñ(VIII,210): These in-breaths and out-breaths occur striking the tip of the nose in a long-nosed man [284]

Rassanāsikassa uttaroṭṭhaṃ.


Ñ: and the upper lip in a short-nosed man.

Tasmānena imaṃ nāma ṭhānaṃ ghaṭṭentīti nimittaṃ ṭhapetabbaṃ.


Ñ: So he should fix the sign thus: 'This is the place where they strike'.

Imameva hi atthavasaṃ paṭicca vuttaṃ bhagavatā –


Ñ: This was why the Blessed One said:

‘‘nāhaṃ, bhikkhave, muṭṭhasatissa asampajānassa ānāpānassatibhāvanaṃ vadāmī’’ti (ma. ni. 3.149; saṃ. ni. 5.992).


Ñ: 'Bhikkhus, I do not say of one who is forgetful, who is not fully aware, [that he practises] development of mindfulness of breathing' (M.iii,84).

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