Visuddhimagga VIII-198

Gaṇanānubandhanāvasena viya hi phusanāṭhapanāvasena visuṃ manasikāro natthi.


Ñ(VIII,198): There is no attention to be given to it by touching separate from fixing as there is by counting separate from connexion.

Phuṭṭhaphuṭṭhaṭṭhāneyeva pana gaṇento gaṇanāya ca phusanāya ca manasi karoti.


Ñ: But when he is counting the breaths in the place touched by each, he is giving attention to them by counting and touching.

Tattheva gaṇanaṃ paṭisaṃharitvā te satiyā anubandhanto,


Ñ: When he has given up counting and is connecting them by means of mindfulness in that same place

appanāvasena ca cittaṃ ṭhapento anubandhanāya ca phusanāya ca ṭhapanāya ca manasi karotīti vuccati.


Ñ: and fixing consciousness by means of absorption, then he is said to be giving his attention to them by connexion, touching and fixing.

Svāyamattho aṭṭhakathāsu vuttapaṅguḷadovārikūpamāhi paṭisambhidāyaṃ vuttakakacūpamāya ca veditabbo.


Ñ: And the meaning of this may be understood through the similes of the man who cannot walk and the gate-keeper given in the commentaries, and through the simile of the saw given in the Paṭisambhidā.

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