Visuddhimagga VIII-185

Passambhayaṃ kāyasaṅkhāraṃ assāsapassāsā kāyo, upaṭṭhānaṃ sati, anupassanā ñāṇaṃ, kāyo upaṭṭhānaṃ, no sati, sati upaṭṭhānañceva sati ca, tāya satiyā tena ñāṇena taṃ kāyaṃ anupassati.


Ñ(VIII,185): 'In-breaths and out-breaths tranquillizing the bodily formation are a body. The establishment (foundation) is mindfulness. The contemplation is knowledge. The body is the establishment (foundation), but it is not the mindfulness. Mindfulness is both the establishment (foundation) and the mindfulness. By means of that mindfulness and that knowledge he contemplates that body.

Tena vuccati kāye kāyānupassanā satipaṭṭhānabhāvanā’’ti.


Ñ: That is why "development of the foundation (establishment) of mindfulness consisting in contemplation of the body as a body" is said' (Ps.i, 184-86).

Ayaṃ tāvettha kāyānupassanāvasena vuttassa paṭhamacatukkassa anupubbapadavaṇṇanā.


Ñ: This, in the first place, is the consecutive word commentary here on the first tetrad, which deals with contemplation of the body.

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