Visuddhimagga VIII-193

Tatonena ‘‘punappunaṃ sañcarantī’’ti ñatvā anto ca bahi ca agahetvā dvārappattaṃ dvārappattaṃyeva gahetvā ‘‘eko dve tīṇi cattāri pañca cha. Eko dve tīṇi cattāri pañca cha satta…pe… aṭṭha, nava, dasā’’ti sīghaṃ sīyaṃ gaṇetabbameva.


Ñ(VIII,193): Then, knowing that they keep moving along quickly, not apprehending them either inside or outside [the body], but apprehending them just as they reach the [nostril] door, he can do his counting quickly (early): 'One, two, three, four, five; one, two, three, four, five, six; … seven; … eight; … nine; … ten'.

Gaṇanapaṭibaddhe hi kammaṭṭhāne gaṇanabaleneva cittaṃ ekaggaṃ hoti, arittupatthambhanavasena caṇḍasote nāvāṭṭhapanamiva.


Ñ: For as long as the meditation subject is connected with counting it is with the help of that very counting that the mind becomes unified, just as a boat in a swift current is steadied with the help of a rudder.

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