Visuddhimagga VIII-235

Virāgānupassīti ettha pana dve virāgā khayavirāgo ca accantavirāgo ca.


Ñ(VIII,235): (xiv) Contemplating fading away: there are two kinds of fading away, that is, fading away as destruction, and absolute fading away.

Tattha khayavirāgoti saṅkhārānaṃ khaṇabhaṅgo.


Ñ: Herein, 'fading away as destruction' is the momentary dissolution of formations.

Accantavirāgoti nibbānaṃ.


Ñ: 'Absolute fading away' is nibbāna.

Virāgānupassanāti tadubhayadassanavasena pavattā vipassanā ca maggo ca.


Ñ: Contemplation of fading away is insight and it is the path, which occur as the seeing of these two.

Tāya duvidhāyapi anupassanāya samannāgato hutvā assasanto passasanto ca ‘‘virāgānupassī assasissāmi passasissāmīti sikkhatī’’ti veditabbo.


Ñ: It is when he possesses this twofold contemplation that it can be understood of him: 'He trains thus: "I shall breathe in … shall breathe out contemplating fading away" '.

Nirodhānupassīpadepi eseva nayo.


Ñ: (xv) The same method of explanation applies to the clause, contemplating cessation.

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