Visuddhimagga VIII-246

Tattha yāvatāti yattakā.


Ñ(VIII,246): Herein in so far as means as many as.

Dhammāti sabhāvā.


Ñ: Dhammas [means] individual essences.

Saṅkhatā vā asaṅkhatā vāti saṅgamma samāgamma paccayehi katā vā akatā vā.


Ñ: Whether formed or unformed: whether made by conditions going together, coming together, or not so made.

Virāgo tesaṃ dhammānaṃ aggamakkhāyatīti tesaṃ saṅkhatāsaṅkhatadhammānaṃ virāgo aggamakkhāyati seṭṭho uttamoti vuccati.


Ñ: Fading away is pronounced the best of them: of these formed and unformed dhammas, fading away is pronounced the best, is called the foremost, the highest.

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