Visuddhimagga IX-11

242. Tasmā sakkhibhāvatthaṃ paṭhamaṃ attānaṃ mettāya pharitvā tadanantaraṃ sukhappavattanatthaṃ yvāyaṃ piyo manāpo garu bhāvanīyo ācariyo vā ācariyamatto vā upajjhāyo vā upajjhāyamatto vā tassa dānapiyavacanādīni piyamanāpattakāraṇāni sīlasutādīni garubhāvanīyattakāraṇāni ca anussaritvā ‘‘esa sappuriso sukhī hotu niddukkho’’tiādinā nayena mettā bhāvetabbā.


Ñ(IX,11): So he should first, as example, pervade himself with lovingkindness. Next after that, in order to proceed easily, he can recollect such gifts, kind words, etc., as inspire love and endearment, such virtue, learning, etc., as inspire respect and reverence met with in a teacher or his equivalent or a preceptor or his equivalent, developing lovingkindness towards him in the way beginning 'May this good man be happy and free from suffering'.

Evarūpe ca puggale kāmaṃ appanā sampajjati,


Ñ: With such a person, of course, he attains absorption.

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