Visuddhimagga IX-61

Sukhaṃ paṭibujjhatīti yathā aññe nitthunantā vijambhantā samparivattantā dukkhaṃ paṭibujjhanti, evaṃ appaṭibujjhitvā vikasamānamiva padumaṃ sukhaṃ nibbikāraṃ paṭibujjhati.

(二)「安寤」──没有他人那样呻吟,欠伸,辗转反侧的不安而寤的现象,犹如开的莲花,安乐不变而寤。 [PTS 312]

Ñ(IX,61): He wakes in comfort: instead of waking uncomfortably, groaning and yawning and turning over as others do, he wakes comfortably without contortions, like a lotus opening. [312]

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