Visuddhimagga IX-32

Bhūridatto nāma nāgarājā hutvā uposathaṅgāni adhiṭṭhāya vammikamuddhani sayamāno kappuṭṭhānaggisadisena osadhena sakalasarīre siñciyamānopi peḷāya pakkhipitvā sakalajambudīpe kīḷāpiyamānopi tasmiṃ brāhmaṇe manopadosamattampi na akāsi.

(六)(菩萨)生为菩利达多龙王(Bhūridatta),因为遵守布萨的戒条,[PTS 304] 卧于蚁塔的顶上之时,全身曾被洒以像劫火相似的猛烈的药,然后把它放进笼中,拿到全阎浮洲各处令它玩耍,对那样的婆罗门也不起少许瞋恨之意。

Ñ(IX,32): 'And while he was the royal nāga (serpent) Bhūridatta, [304] when he had undertaken the Uposatha precepts and was lying on the top of an ant-hill, though he was [caught and] sprinkled with medicinal charms resembling the fire that ushers in the end of an aeon, and was put into a box and treated as a plaything throughout the whole of Jambudīpa, yet he had no trace of hate for that brahman,

Yathāha –


Ñ: according as it is said:

‘‘Peḷāya pakkhipantepi, maddantepi ca pāṇinā;

Alampāne na kuppāmi, sīlakhaṇḍabhayā mamā’’ti. (cariyā. 2.16);



Ñ: "While being put into the coffer

And being crushed down with his hand,

I had no hate for Ālambāna

Lest I should break my precept vow" (Cp. 85)'.

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