Visuddhimagga IX-39

251. Dhātuvinibbhogaṃ pana kātuṃ asakkontena dānasaṃvibhāgo kātabbo.


Ñ(IX,39): But if he cannot effect the resolution into elements, he should try the giving of a gift.

Attano santakaṃ parassa dātabbaṃ, parassa santakaṃ attanā gahetabbaṃ.


Ñ: It can either be given by himself to the other or accepted by himself from the other.

Sace pana paro bhinnājīvo hoti aparibhogārahaparikkhāro,


Ñ: But if the other's livelihood is not purified and his requisites are not proper to be used,

attano santakameva dātabbaṃ.


Ñ: it should be given by oneself.

Tassevaṃ karoto ekanteneva tasmiṃ puggale āghāto vūpasammati.


Ñ: And in the one who does this the annoyance with that person entirely subsides.

Itarassa ca atītajātito paṭṭhāya anubandhopi kodho taṅkhaṇaññeva vūpasammati,


Ñ: And in the other even anger that has been dogging him from a past birth subsides at the moment,

cittalapabbatavihāre tikkhattuṃ vuṭṭhāpitasenāsanena piṇḍapātikattherena ‘‘ayaṃ, bhante, aṭṭhakahāpaṇagghanako patto mama mātarā upāsikāya dinno dhammiyalābho, mahāupāsikāya puññalābhaṃ karothā’’ti vatvā dinnaṃ pattaṃ laddhamahātherassa viya.


Ñ: as happened to the senior elder who received a bowl given to him at the Cittalapabbata Monastery by an almsfood-eater elder who had been three times made to move from his lodging by him, and who presented it with these words: 'Venerable sir, this bowl worth eight ducats was given me by my mother who is a lay devotee, and it is rightly obtained; let the good lay devotee acquire merit'.

Notes in Chinese translation: 羯但罗山寺(Cittalapabbata-vihāra)因大长老的憎恨而被驱逐出寺。

Evaṃ mahānubhāvametaṃ dānaṃ nāma.


Ñ: So efficacious is this act of giving.

Vuttampi cetaṃ –


Ñ: And this is said:

‘‘Adantadamanaṃ dānaṃ, dānaṃ sabbatthasādhakaṃ;

Dānena piyavācāya, unnamanti namanti cā’’ti.




便得举首和低头」。 [PTS 307]

Ñ: 'A gift for taming the untamed,

A gift for every kind of good;

Through giving gifts they do unbend

And condescend to kindly speech'. [307]

Notes in Chinese translation: 施者举首──即被赞叹之意,受者低头恭敬。

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