Visuddhimagga IX-6

Liṅgavisabhāge pana tameva ārabbha odhiso bhāventassa rāgo uppajjati.


Ñ(IX,6): Then, if he develops it specifically towards the opposite sex, lust inspired by that person springs up in him.

Aññataro kira amaccaputto kulūpakattheraṃ pucchi ‘‘bhante, kassa mettā bhāvetabbā’’ti?


Ñ: An elder supported by a family was asked, it seems, by a friend's son, 'Venerable sir, towards whom should lovingkindness be developed?'

Thero ‘‘piyapuggale’’ti āha.


Ñ: The elder told him, Towards a person one loves'.

Tassa attano bhariyā piyā hoti.


Ñ: He loved his own wife.

So tassā mettaṃ bhāvento sabbarattiṃ bhittiyuddhamakāsi.


Ñ: Through developing lovingkindness towards her he was fighting against the wall all the night.

Tasmā liṅgavisabhāge odhiso na bhāvetabbā.


Ñ: That is why it should not be developed specifically towards the opposite sex.

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