Visuddhimagga IX-12

iminā pana bhikkhunā tāvatakeneva tuṭṭhiṃ anāpajjitvā sīmāsambhedaṃ kattukāmena tadanantaraṃ atippiyasahāyake,


Ñ(IX,12): But if this bhikkhu does not rest content with just that much and wants to break down the barriers, he should next, after that, develop lovingkindness towards a very dearly loved friend,

atippiyasahāyakato majjhatte,


Ñ: then towards a neutral person as a very dearly loved friend,

majjhattato verīpuggale mettā bhāvetabbā.


Ñ: then towards a hostile person as neutral.

Bhāventena ca ekekasmiṃ koṭṭhāse muduṃ kammaniyaṃ cittaṃ katvā tadanantare tadanantare upasaṃharitabbaṃ.


Ñ: And while he does so, he should make his mind malleable and wieldy in each instance before passing on to the next.

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