Visuddhimagga IX-89

Tasmā vuttanayena majjhattapuggale upekkhaṃ uppādetvā atha piyapuggale, tato soṇḍasahāyake, tato verimhīti evaṃ ‘‘imesu ca tīsu attani cā’’ti sabbattha majjhattavasena sīmāsambhedaṃ katvā taṃ nimittaṃ āsevitabbaṃ bhāvetabbaṃ bahulīkātabbaṃ.


Ñ(IX,89): Therefore he should arouse equanimity towards the neutral person in the way already stated. Then through the neutral one he should break down the barriers in each case between the three people, that is, the dear person, then the boon companion, and then the hostile one, and lastly himself. And he should cultivate that sign, develop and repeatedly practise it.

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