Visuddhimagga IX-44

So hi paṭhamajjhānādīnaṃ aññataravasena mettāsahagatena cetasā ekaṃ disaṃ pharitvā viharati.


[Texts and Commentary]

Ñ(IX,44): Now it is by means of one of these jhānas beginning with the first that he 'Dwells pervading (intent upon) one direction with his heart endued with lovingkindness,

Tathā dutiyaṃ, tathā tatiyaṃ, tathā catutthaṃ.


Ñ: likewise the second direction, likewise the third direction, likewise the fourth direction,

Iti uddhamadho tiriyaṃ sabbadhi sabbattatāya sabbāvantaṃ lokaṃ mettāsahagatena cetasā vipulena mahaggatena appamāṇena averena abyāpajjena pharitvā viharati (vibha. 642; dī. ni. 1.556).


Ñ: and so above, below, and around; everywhere and equally he dwells pervading the entire world with his heart endued with lovingkindness, abundant, exalted, measureless, free from enmity, and free from affliction' (Vbh. 272; D.i,250).

Paṭhamajjhānādivasena appanāppattacittasseva hi ayaṃ vikubbanā sampajjati.


Ñ: For this versatility comes about only in one whose consciousness has reached absorption in the first jhāna and the rest.

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