Visuddhimagga IX-14

243. Sace panassa verimhi cittamupasaṃharato tena katāparādhānussaraṇena paṭighamuppajjati,


[Getting Rid of Resentment]

Ñ(IX,14): If resentment arises in him when he applies his mind to a hostile person because he remembers wrongs done by that person,

athānena purimapuggalesu yattha katthaci punappunaṃ mettaṃ samāpajjitvā vuṭṭhahitvā punappunaṃ taṃ puggalaṃ mettāyantena paṭighaṃ vinodetabbaṃ.


Ñ: he should get rid of the resentment by entering repeatedly into lovingkindness [jhāna] towards any of the first-mentioned persons and then, after he has emerged each time, directing lovingkindness towards that person.

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