Visuddhimagga IX-40

252. Tassevaṃ verīpuggale vūpasantapaṭighassa yathā piyātippiyasahāyakamajjhattesu, evaṃ tasmimpi mettāvasena cittaṃ pavattati.


[The Breaking Down of the Barriers—The Sign]

Ñ(IX,40): When his resentment towards that hostile person has been thus allayed, then he can turn his mind with lovingkindness towards that person too, just as towards the one who is dear, the very dear friend, and the neutral person.

Athānena punappunaṃ mettāyantena attani piyapuggale majjhatte verīpuggaleti catūsu janesu samacittataṃ sampādentena sīmāsambhedo kātabbo.


Ñ: Then he should break down the barriers by practising lovingkindness over and over again, accomplishing mental impartiality towards the four persons, that is to say, himself, the dear person, the neutral person and the hostile person.

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