Visuddhimagga IX-33

Campeyyopi nāgarājā hutvā ahituṇḍikena viheṭhiyamāno manopadosamattampi nuppādesi.

(七)(菩萨)生为瞻波龙王(Campeyyopi nāgarājā)为捕蛇者恼乱之时,亦不起丝毫瞋恨之意。

Ñ(IX,33): 'And when he was the royal nāga Campeyya he let no hate spring up in his mind while he was being cruelly treated by a snake charmer,

Yathāha –


Ñ: according as it is said:

‘‘Tadāpi maṃ dhammacāriṃ, upavutthauposathaṃ;

Ahituṇḍiko gahetvāna, rājadvāramhi kīḷati.



Ñ: "While I was living in the Law

Observing the Uposatha

A snake charmer took me away

To play with at the royal gate.

‘‘Yaṃ so vaṇṇaṃ cintayati, nīlaṃ pītaṃ va lohitaṃ;

Tassa cittānuvattanto, homi cintitasannibho.



Ñ: Whatever hue he might conceive,

Blue and yellow, and red as well,

So in accordance with his thought

I would become what he had wished;

‘‘Thalaṃ kareyyaṃ udakaṃ, udakampi thalaṃ kare;

Yadihaṃ tassa kuppeyyaṃ, khaṇena chārikaṃ kare.



Ñ: I would turn dry land into water,

And water into land likewise.

Now had I given way to wrath

I could have seared him into ash,

‘‘Yadi cittavasī hessaṃ, parihāyissāmi sīlato;

Sīlena parihīnassa, uttamattho na sijjhatī’’ti. (cariyā. 2.21-24);



Ñ: Had I relaxed mind-mastery

I should have let my virtue lapse;

And one who lets his virtue lapse

Cannot attain the highest goal" (Cp. 85).

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