Visuddhimagga IX-82

Aṅguttaraṭṭhakathāyaṃ pana paṭhamaṃ veripuggalo karuṇāyitabbo, tasmiṃ cittaṃ muduṃ katvā duggato, tato piyapuggalo, tato attāti ayaṃ kamo vutto, so ‘‘duggataṃ durūpeta’’nti pāḷiyā na sameti, tasmā vuttanayenevettha bhāvanamārabhitvā sīmāsambhedaṃ katvā appanā vaḍḍhetabbā.


Ñ(IX,82): But the order given in the Aṅguttara Commentary is that a hostile person should first be made the object of compassion, and when the mind has been made malleable with respect to him, next the unlucky person, next the dear person, and next oneself. That does not agree with the text, 'an unlucky, unfortunate person' (§78). Therefore he should begin the development, break down the barriers, and increase absorption only in the way stated here.

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